Soldering Rework & Repair

At Exmel Training Solutions our hand soldering rework & repair course demonstrates to the student how to solder to IPC competancy in both surface mount and plated through hole componentry. During this course the student will be taught how to operate a Pace MBT350 rework machine using various handpieces and soldering iron tips to perform PCB repairs. This course is 95% practical and 5% theoretical.

The course outline includes:-
- Health and Safety Presentation

- Fume extraction requirements

- ESD precautions

- Equipment preparation

- Solder wire (leaded – lead-free) Flux – Cleaning preparation

- Equipment / Inspection Set-up

- Tip and Temperature selection (discuss thermal load)

- Inspection criteria

- Workpiece Indicators

- Discuss heat sinks – Ground planes – Back panels

- Use of auxiliary heat

- Practical Soldering (Remove & Replace) using various component package types such as, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, Melf, SOT23,  SOIC, PLCC, QFP, Axial & Radial capacitors/resistors/diodes & 14 pin DIL IC’s.

- Clean and inspect completed work

Course Duration: 2 Days

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