PTH Soldering

At Exmel Training Solutions our hand soldering plated through hole components course demonstrates to the student how to solder to IPC J-STD-001 competancy. This course is 95% practical and 5% theoretical.

The course outline includes:-
- Health and Safety Presentation

- Fume extraction requirements

- ESD precautions

- Equipment preparation

- Solder wire (leaded – lead-free) Flux – Cleaning preparation

- Equipment / Inspection Set-up

- Tip and Temperature selection (discuss thermal load)

- Inspection criteria

- Workpiece Indicators

- Discuss heat sinks – Ground planes – Back panels

- Use of auxiliary heat

- Practical Soldering on various PCB’s

- Practical soldering using various component package types such as Axial & Radial capacitors/resistors/diodes, 14 pin DIL IC’s.

- Clean and inspect completed work

Course Duration: 1 Day

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